March 18, 2019!

Love 365 Strategic Overview

2019. Love 365 TV

Love 365 is a professional team dedicated to the growth, development and promotion of music artistry. Operating in Richmond, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, Atlanta, GA and South Florida the company delivers major-league national concert promotion and support for local artists acts alike. In 2001 Love 365 Music promotions undertook the planning process that confirmed the following as key elements of its long-term strategic outlook.


An enduring community, celebrating and enriching our culture through music promotions.


Create meaningful connections between cultures, community groups, artists and audiences by offering music related events, programs, and festivals.

Guiding Principles, Beliefs, and Values.

Activities, projects and programs of the Love 365 Music Promotions are guided by the following values, beliefs and principles.
• Love 365 is an enduring community that is defined by the following. A group of individuals united under the Love 365 Music Promotions umbrella that shares the “love” of music and the relationships it helps create.
• An abiding respect for people, land and culture. We treat each other with respect and kindness, accepting differences and nurturing both personal and collective growth. A spirit of environmental responsibility is central to all of our activities.
• The importance of music. Above all else, music is “the glue that binds” the Love 365 team together and unites its members. The elevated importance of music does not preclude Love 365 from incorporating other important cultural aspects that share connections to our music endeavors, aspects such as: visual arts, performing arts and spoken word are also important.
• The development and promotion of local talent. The support and promotion of local artists is important to us. We also believe in supporting local businesses, culture and organizations alike.
• Cultural affirmation and relationship building. Coming together as one human family we share songs, stories, customs and traditions. We encourage cross cultural collaboration and affirm the importance of its consumer partners for funding our causes.
• Consistent promotion of artistic growth and creativity. We work together to foster an environment that invites learning and growth, thereby supporting artistic development, infrastructure through education and outreach.
• Accountability: We develop quality music programs rooted in effective planning and implementing quality proven processes. We are fiscally responsible and adhere to sound management principles and practices.
• Celebration: We have fun celebrating with each other and welcome partners doing all we can to ensure their experiences are enjoyable and entertaining.

Strategic Goals

1) To celebrate music through the cultural heritage of the Love 365 Music Promotions.
2) To create meaningful connections between culture, community groups, artists and audiences.
3) To enable the cultivation for the growth of local music and artistic talents.
4) To enrich the local culture and quality of life by bringing global music acts to our service areas to synergize.
5) To play a role in building a long-term music and artistic infrastructure in our markets.

Love 365 Music Promotions

Our events have been recognized as some of The industries finest promotional events utilizing over 80 years of combined experience. We are well supported by local audiences and attract national concert goers with guests from as far away as The United Kingdom.

We have two entertainment promotional experts Benjamin Levy and Eric Goodall who’s successfully promoted hundreds of events such as: RUN DMC, OutKast, P Diddy, Jay Z, Boys to Men, The Clipse, Katt Williams, Bruce Bruce, Slick Rick, Kool G Rap and The Sprite Tour. In addition to Ben and Eric we have a major-league music talent agent Carlos Gover whose accomplishments are numerous, he’s produced & promoted such acts as: Curtis Mayfield, Goody Mob, Outkast and Lil Jon just to name a few. Lastly we have our business, sales and marketing genius Aubrey Bailey who has a lifetime of valuable business accolades with success in and out of the music industry.

The Love 365 management team is a blend of balance, expertise and skills collaborating with national, regional, and local acts with concert-goers to encourage meaningful connections between the artists and audiences.

There is something for everyone to discover at a LOVE 365 event, including various vendor’s products, amazing art, community outreach and social consciousness education. All this and more is the true meaning behind LOVE 365.